I help run Rider Club, and I also write Kamen Rider Cardinal, sometimes, when I feel up to it.




everyone stop what you’re doing and watch this show right now trust me

You can NEVER go wrong with this show.

Self Portraits

Columbus, IN

Nikon D90

If I’m going to go ahead and do stuff like this for class, might as well post them up here, too. I’m not too enthused about either of these shots, but given the constraints i was forced into, this was the best I could muster. (Fun fact: while I was coming back home from the second shot, some guy in a passing car yelled “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” at me)


We have some more plot details from Real Riders, and they’re big. Thanks again to the /m/ Anon for the info (source). Read the details below the cut.

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new laptop is fantastic, Warframe runs at 60 fps, it’s so fucking fluid, how did I ever play this at 30fps