I help run Rider Club, and I also write Kamen Rider Cardinal, sometimes, when I feel up to it.


The Kamen Rider Cardinal People Play Drunken Bear Fighter

"Swedes can’t somersault.

Also this recording is incomplete because SOMEONE WHO WILL REMAIN NAMELESS(lookin’ at you, Obama) got his files all fucked. Torture your ears with it anyway I guess.

The game we were playing was Drunken Bear Fight and Liam was the DM.”


Tomaz (Cardinal) wasn’t around this weekend, so Jeff (the GM), Liam (Errant), Charlie (relevant tumblr) and Erik (me!; also I play Bastion) decided to play a rousing game of Drunken Bear Fighter instead. The internet was dead set on screwing all of us over last night, so prepare yourselves for audio fuckups and other unfortunate chicanery. Also, we all try to do accents and they’re all horrible.

Sadly, the ending is lost to time. Long story short, we all get wasted on vodka and take a well-deserved rest.

Liam: Drunken Bear Master
Jeff: Vodka Drunkinski, Consummate Russian
Erik: Gustaf Solberg, Token Swede
Charlie: Darko, Bear Charmer

Thanks to Jeff for capturing the audio and to Charlie for editing the audio! (I literally did nothing)


"Black Riders, eh? I feel an odd camaraderie between us."



"Now… let’s count up your sins."








This is actually from Aesir’s gag sub of the Gaim vs. ToQger special they released for April Fool’s Day. The actual joke is a more straightforward observation about V3’s name.

(Source: groundman003)


"How does it feel to have your own game turned against you? I’ve twisted the game code itself into a weapon. I’ve even ripped into the website! Tell me that I’ll never be more than a “mini” boss… Nobody can stop me now! Not those pathetic arcade characters, not the programmers, not the players. Nobody!

I’ll drop data blocks onto their heads. Cage them with code ripped from the mainframe itself. I’ll obliterate you all and grow stronger with every kill! League of Legends is my game now! Do you hear me?! Mine! I am Final Boss Veigar!”

I beat a Final Boss Veigar the other night. I was playing Braum, and at a critical moment, I managed to get my shield off and block his ult.

If you’re gonna mess with the game code, shorty, you shouldn’t stop with just a couple variables if you wanna defeat a MASTER




All I can say is…you deserve that, Shunpei. But thanks for another reason for me to love Rinko-chan!~ :3

I can’t believe Shunpei Nara is fucking dead.

rest in fucking pieces

She had a place in his life,
He never made her think twice;
As he rises to her apology,
Anybody else would surely know,
He’s watching her go…

But what a fool believes he sees,
No wise man has the power to reason away;
What seems to be,
Is always better than nothing,
And nothing at all keeps sending him…

Kamen Rider Cardinal - Session 3, Part 3


(Want to read from the beginning? Click here to go to the synopsis and table of contents.)

The tenement block that Hideki found himself at was a dilapidated ruin, but it had fared better than the buildings around it.  Someone had replaced the previously existing door with a reinforced metal one.  With renewed curiosity, Hideki went around to the back of the tenement, only to find that the back door had been bricked up.  He sighed.  Whoever was here was smart; he would have to use the front door.

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Finally back with another installment! I really had to power through a nasty case of writer’s block to bring this out, but hopefully the next few parts will go a little smoother. The campaign really hits its stride soon!


The Good! Morning video has been posted! Enjoy this brief clip that contains our first look at footage from the Kamen Rider Drive series!







"I am the Final Fantasy VII."

My favorite toad is Slippy Toad, if you know what I mean

I’ll show you why they call me Big Dong Donkey Kong

I’ll show you why they call it the Playstation

"After I play Buster Brothers, I’m gonna bust a nut"